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Is PhiladelphiaLimo Expensive? 

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You’ve probably heard people asking a question about why the limo service is expensive. When it comes to the price tag, the most important question is “is Philadelphia limo expensive?”

At moments, the cost is indeed the issue for many people. But there is a good reason why this kind of transportation a bit fancier than the public ones.  When you check its advantages, you will realize that the prices are not expensive at all.

Not to mention that most Philadelphia limo providers offer discount rates indefinitely. The low cost can happen in low season or weekdays. But in some holidays, you can also make use some offers from the reliable limo providers. Therefore, you can save more bucks than you can ever imagine.

So, to answer the question before, you will need to know that folks who rent limo know really well about the perks of the limo. Limos are usually for special occasions, events, or parties. Limos have the distinct characteristics that we can’t find in the public transportation. They are the great way to make a lasting impression and to show the style a little bit.

Let’s talk about the number. For standard PhiladelphiaLimo, the vehicle can hold around 6 to 8 people. They usually come by the hour and sometimes by the day. It is prevalent for the corporate events and other commuters. However, the standard limo can also be prevalent for general folks who hold any kind of event. This can cost between 50 bucks to a hundred bucks per hour.

The other one is a stretch limo. The stretch limo unit is longer than a standard limo. This can hold more passengers. The good thing about stretch limo is that it holds more amenities. What might surprise you is that some stretch limos even have a swimming pool inside. It is usually rented by the hour or the day. This can hold up to 30 people at the cost of $100 to $300 per hour. If you are planning to go with a group of friends, this can be the great option for you.

The next type of limo is classic style limo. You probably have known about Rolls Royce. The classic limo is usually used for those who want a classy experience. It is also prevalent for wedding events. This usually costs more than other options. For a standard classic style limo, you need to spend anywhere between $200 to $600 to rent per hour. Many classic car fans are willing to pay more to make their day more special.

So, is limo expensive? That will depend on what you consider expensive. If you go with your friends, for instance, you could share the bills so that it will become more affordable. If you want to get off by style in a special event like prom, graduation, concert, you will find the Philadelphia limo is an affordable option.

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